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Customised Machines

Cologic is able to find solutions for problems in your workplace. In cooperation with you, we will analyse the existing process and find out what the bottlenecks are. After elaboration of the analysis, we sort out whether a suitable solution can be realised for it. Using this method we have already developed and manufactured specific machines for, for instance, the graphics industry, the cardboard manufacturing industry and also the cheese processing industry.

Cutting machines

Cologic developed a cutting machine for the cardboard manufacturing industry, the Colcutter. This Colcutter is able to continuously reduce the long pieces of cardboard, as well as their edges into transportable lengths, 24/7, ensuring no more problems with discharge transport. In addition, the Colcutter is able to reduce rejected sheets into transportable pieces, making transportation along the same discharge systems possible. The machine can be used for corrugated board as well as duplex board. For the Colcutter, in addition a special Colmes was developed, with a service life of approximately 6 months. Both the Colcutter and the Colmes got a worldwide patent.

Vertical transportation systems

For the graphical and the cardboard manufacturing world, we have developed 2 different vertical transportation machines, for vertical discharge of your paper and cardboard waste from the cutting machines and punch presses. The VC10 is a machine that is able to transport a continuous flow of waste lengths. The VC100-SP is capable of transporting shreds with a thickness of 1 mm up to 100 mm. This machine comes in different widths and heights and was already built for a height of 9.5 metres. Both machines are patented.